Murder on the Blade?


Since no viewing copies had been sent out to the media there was little published reviewing of the film. However, for the Christchurch Press, Jane Bowron wrote

‘...Murder on the Blade?, last week’s riveting documentary about the Scott Watson trial....
Miraculously, the first half hour of Murder on the Blade? ran without an ad break, and I was somewhat stunned to see big-name New Zealand actors such as Ian Mune, Michael Hurst, and Paul Gittins appear to do suitably understated performances for the courtroom re-enactments.   All the stops seemed to have been pulled out for this TV One “point-of-view” documentary, as it was described by producer Keith Hunter.   Because of the fear of legal injunction - the documentary screened in a controversial week for the notorious case —  Murder on the Blade? was relatively soft-sold in the  promos, and TV reviewers were not furnished with requested preview tapes.. It might have had the unique status of being backward about coming forward, but it rated brilliantly, and will hopefully get a rerun, pronto.’

The Press 15/11/03